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Back in business!

After a long hiatus due to circumstances beyond the control of our advisor, we have now rediscovered how to update this blog and page with new information. We are very excited to bring you updated news and information about BMSS Student Council, our school clubs, and our events and activities. Stay tuned as we rebuild the page.

Student Council 2015/2016


President: June Lee
Vice President: Sofia Avelino
Secretary: Sara Finnegan
Treasurer: Jessie Geng
Events Directors: Kayleigh Naicker and Mehek Hussain
Spirit Coordinator: Rykiel Bterrani
Clubs and Community Coordinator: Huda Ashraf
Communications Director: Sofia Allueva
Visual and Performing Arts Representative: Angela Wang
Sports Representative: Richard Echegaray
Marketing and Publicity Coordinator: Kelsey Lam
Student Services Representative: Jennifer Collette
Technical Director: Samuel Spartano
ELL/International Representative: Joy Chang

Grade Representatives:
Grad Co-Chairs: Samantha Baguhin and Kevin Moon
Grade 11: Michela Banks and Paloma Spencer
Grade 10: Paul Hinta and Elyse Willan
Grade 9: Julia Han and Sameer Esmail

Members at Large
Phyllis Leung
Ernest Ng
Aiden Wong

Student Council 2014/2015

Below is the list of members for Student Council this year!:

Student Council 2014-2015

President: Jared Chiu
Vice- President: Eric Shim
Secretary: Alice Luo
Treasurer: Eric Yue
Communications Directors: Norina Sun and Ernest Ng
Events Coordinator: Sofia Avelino
Spirit Coordinator: June Lee
Volunteer Coordinator: Lauren Watson
Community and Clubs Coordinator: Jamie Vanden Broek
Visual and Performing Arts Representative: Sara Finnegan
Sports Representative: Cari Ma
ELL/ International Representative: Yoonji Choi
Student Services Representative: Christel Nicholas and Kevin Kang
Technical Director: Kevin Moon
Grad Chairs: Daniella Pettenon, Robyn Lee, Iris Xie, and Alice Luo

Grade Representatives
Grade 11: Kelsey Lam and Jessie Geng
Grade 10: Angela Wang and Michela Banks
Grade 9: Rykiel Bterrani and Richard Echegaray
Grade 8: Julia Han and Sameer Esmail

Student Council 2013/2014!

Below is the list of members for Student Council next year!:

President: Kieren Gadhia
Vice-President: Richard Li
Treasurer: Sehar Jewanee
Secretary: Alysha Merali
Communications Director: Robin Lai
Events Coordinator: Jared Chiu
Volunteer Coordinator: Valerie Tsui
Spirit Coordinator: June Lee
Community and Clubs Coordinator: Grace Jin
VPA Representative: Sofia Avelino
Male Sports Representative: Shaqueel Cassamali
Female Sports Representative: Shaireen Cassamali
ESL / International Representative: Sabrina Echegaray
Student Services Representative: Christel Nicolas
Technical Director: Nathaniel D’Souza
Alumni Representative: Todd Huang
Grade 12 Female Representative: Rachel Ilagan
Grade 12 Male Representative: John Kim
Grade 11 Male Representative: Kevin Kang
Grade 11 Female Representative: Lily Sun
Grade 10 Male Representative: Luka Cuperlovic
Grade 10 Female Representative: Sara Finnegan
Grade 9 Male Representative: Alex Glinnum
Grade 9 Female Representative: Michela Banks

Grad and Thank-Yous

Wow… just a few weeks remain. Heres a summary of what we are looking forward to in the next couple of weeks:

-AP Exams: Exams will conclude on Friday May 17th, and congratulations to all the students who have written one.

-School Leaving Ceremony: Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 7pm, Bill Copeland Arena. Come celebrate as the Grad Class of 2013 walks across the stage and celebrates. Each grad is receiving 2 tickets, and extras can be purchased for 5$ each at the school office.

-Grad Dinner Dance/Dry Grad: Friday May 25th, 2013. Renaissance  Hotel and Burnaby Mountain Secondary, 7pm start. Our grad formal night, and a special one too. Please see Ms Manning or Ms Gingras for more info.

-Carnival: Friday June 14th. A fantastic end of the year celebration put on by Student Council. More info will be posted soon.

We’d also like to take some time on this post to make some much needed thank-yous for people who our dedicating their time to make our year better:

Mrs Sandy Ryant, thank you for your effort, experience and commitment you have put in to making our Advanced Placement program successful over the past years. The program would not be successful without your dedication and hard work. THANK YOU!

Mrs Britt Walton, thank you for your time and organization you have put into recording, deciding and notifying students about Scholarships for our Grad Class. Managing this in addition to being the Socials Dept. Head must not be the easiest task in the world, but you do an outstanding job of it! THANK YOU!

Ms Jyoti Panesar, Ms Jennifer Manning, Ms Cynthis Gingras, Mr Tim Wozney and Mr James Morton, thank you for the time and planning you have put into organizing the Graduation School Leaving Ceremonies, as well as the Graduation Dinner Dance. These events would not happen without our hard work. The Grad Class of 2013 is extremely thankful of the work you have put in.

Mr Ed Ko and Ms Tara-Lynn O’Reilly, thank you to both you and Grad Council for the planning and fundraising you have put in to Dry Grad. Thanks needs to go to the parent volunteers as well, since with none of you this event wouldn’t happen!

3 more months!

Can you all believe it?!? There is only 3 MORE MONTHS of school left in the year! So many activities are still ahead this year, with our AP Weeks coming up for our senior students, Grad Ceremony, Dinner Dance, Dry Grad, Spirit Days, Talent Show, Carnival, Cancer All-Nighter and so many more! Watch this blog, our Twitter and Facebook accounts and the Student Bulletin to keep up to date on everything thats going on. Best of luck to you all as we step into Term 3 this week!


Some very exciting news we would like to share is that our Vice Principals have changed. We would like to give Ms Kristmanson a HUGE congratulations on being promoted to Principal of Burnaby South Secondary! Her new position has begun, so you wont be seeing her around Burnaby Mountain much longer! This means, of course, that we have a vice-principal position that needs to be filled! We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Mr James Morton from Alpha Secondary who will be taking on Ms Kristmanson’s position. We hope that you settle in to Burnaby Mountain and we look forward to meeting you and introducing ourselves!


Thats all for now… See y’all around.